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Being an Good Citizen During Marshal Law

Being a Good Citizen during martial law.

Identify the legitimacy of martial law and for whatever reason, martial law has been declared you are one of the citizens functioning under it. If for some reason your country has been invaded or a major natural disaster has occurred you should recognize that martial law might be best for the moment.

The soldiers have been deployed are there to maintain order and keep you safe until civilian authority can be re-established.

By showing respect and courtesy to authorities will take the focus off you and your family. The best thing you can do is assist, obey and observe. Keep your head down and don’t draw attention to yourself.

Keep everything you can’t live without on your person.

If you are being moved there may be no time to go back for your things. Have everything you need on you at all times in case you have to move immediately. Anything you might be tempted to go back for, keep on you. If there is some object too big to carry around you may have to leave it or even hide it.

Follow all directives given to you.

No matter how odd or strange. If a curfew is set, be in your quarters by then. If you are given a mealtime, don’t show up late. If certain areas are off-limits, do not go beyond the boundary. Your rights are greatly limited until civil order until it is re-established.  By pushing boundaries you will draw attention to yourself, which you do not want.

Obey orders as you are instructed.

Orders will be quick and fast and without explanation. Military personnel are given orders that they don’t even understand or agree with – however, it is their job to impose. They expect you to follow orders just as they are doing. Time-sensitive orders they may not have time to explain or their explanation which in turn may cause a panic. Trust that their goal is to protect you and any failure they would take personally.

Help others as much as you are able.

The military personnel may be short staffed. Offer to help as much as you can. You will gather their respect this way. You may then learn more about what’s going on and why things are happening as they are. If you find out important information that you have permission to share, spread the word. Make sure other people know what’s going on and hopefully everyone will be able to survive the event.

If for any reason you feel that your family’s life is in danger and that there is something more sinister reader our post on hiding out during martial law.


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Martial law vs National Emergency


Six Events that could cause Martial Law or State Of Emergency.


But first – what is the difference between Martial law and a State of Emergency?

Martial law is when the highest-ranking member of the military takes over leadership of the government and takes control all aspects of the executive, legislative, and judicial systems.

A state of emergency, on the other hand, is when a state or federal government suspends certain constitutional freedoms to react to a disastrous situation.

A fine line for sure.


Economic Disaster

The first dangerous event that could lead to martial law is an economic disaster such as a worldwide stock market crash. In this result, people would only but have to resort to barter in order to buy and sell things. Know what items would be best to barter

Things would certainly get out of hand, and the government could decree martial law in order to maintain order.

Cyber Attack

If anyone wanted to create anarchy – a cyber attack would certainly grind the world as we know it to an end. It is s a very real threat that could render useless anything dependent on the Internet. In October of 2016, the East Coast of the USA Internet users found themselves unable to access sites such as Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, and Netflix for an entire morning because of a cyber attack.

If a similar attack knocked out a large portion of the Internet for a day or longer, it would cause panic in the markets and cause dreadful ripple effects around the world.

A hard-hitting government cyber attack with enough sophistication could knock out the entire country’s Internet. Any online data, from banking to transportation, would be knocked out and chaos would prevail.  – Martial Law would be initiated and calm would be restored for a few days.

EMP Attack

An EMP attack would have even more severe consequences than a cyber attack, although probably more localized. An EMP—also known as an Electromagnetic Pulse—is a burst of electromagnetic energy that can knock out all forms of electricity in its vicinity.

A city hit by an EMP could be sent back to the Dark Ages in a split second, ushering in all the rioting, scrambles for resources, and intensified violence associated with an extreme disaster. The government would most assuredly call for martial law until some semblance of normality returned.

Disease Outbreak

One of the more realistic scenarios that could lead to martial law is an infectious disease outbreak. May it be by accident or biological warfare a disease outbreak could cripple the world as we know it and it is not like it has ever happened before. If anything we should know by history  – think bubonic plaque –should a deadly disease outbreak occur, you can rest assured the government will be there to try to lock it down.


Martial law can also be called into effect when the population gets out of hand, martial law could be enacted to support the police force and to keep law and order. With any injustices and political tensions, riots may be closer to a reality than you think.

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes often lead to the enacting of martial law. The world we live in certainly has the possibility of something my worse happening than Hurrican Katrina or Earthquake in Chile in 1960.  Scientists have eluded that a possible catastrophic event such as the eruption of a super-volcano in Yellowstone or a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault could grind the way we live today to a grinding halt.

Natural Disasters are unpreventable and have the potential to cause enough damage to push any federal government into enacting martial law.


No matter what the event or if Martial Law or A State of Emergency is declared – it is up to you – to be aware and prepared for what follows next.  Here is what to do.