Nylon Folding Water Bucket


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A  great 8,5L lightweight, convenient, efficient and practical  folding water bucket for any outdoor activity can be yours!

Way better than regular buckets in many ways, Folding Water Buckets fit in with your camping gear or small living space much more easily than does a normal bucket.

This Nylon folding water bucket can possibly save your life when you’re backpacking or camping, making it an excellent take-along even when space is at a premium. Use it to bring water back to your camp for bathing, doing laundry, washing dishes or bathing.

In water scarcity situations, use a collapsible bucket to gently scoop water off the top of a lake or pond for filtering so that you don’t kick up silt or muck.

Of course, there’s no reason that you must only put liquid in this collapsible bucket.

Use it for fruit picking, food gathering, or holding trash. Or, at the beach, a collapsible bucket functions as a sand toy, then transforms to a foot-rinsing station. Gardeners can use collapsible buckets to carry soil or plants, while party throwers might use them to hold ice and drinks.



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