Mini Folding Survival Stove


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This Mini Folding Survival Stove is an essential piece of equipment in any survival gear

Thanks to its compact and easy-to-use, this lightweight (weighing in at 112g), galvanized steel mini folding survival stove really will fit in a pocket, fuel and all!

No more scurrying around to find a suitable position to start a fire or tinder or wood.

Even better – keep a low profile so others don’t know you are there – as this Mini folding survival stove keeps to a low minimum impact on the area as it can be operated in almost any weather condition and leaves no trace.

Simply fold it out to hold your pot securely in various positions so you can use anything from a metal mug or up to a 1-liter pot on this little stove comfortably.

At 3.74 inches long by 2.95 inches wide by 0.98 inches thick, opening to a sturdy 3.74 inches long by 2.95 inches wide by 2.16 inches tall this mini folding survival stove is a must have!

This folding  stove is compatible with wax and solid alcohol fuel.

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