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Make your own DIY washing machine.

If you were ever in a situation where you had to find yourself in need of washing clothes – a DIY washing machine would come in handy.

Out of the view of prying eyes and not exposed out in the open – this DIY Washing machine is a great way to wash your clothes effectively with minimal water consumption and very little effort and of course will get those whites and colors cleaned like new.

All you need is a five-gallon bucket, a plunger, and a drill and a little arm power!

Watch the full video here

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Hiding Out In a Bunker During Marshal Law

Your bunker should be able to keep you and your family safe for several years. The best bunkers are usually underground but also in the sides of mountains or hills. The goals are to be able to get in and out with ease and for no one else to be able to find you.


Keeping your bunker a secret is the first golden rule and to do this – never carry your phone or GPS enabled device with you when you visit, even when you turn your GPS off, you may still be tracked with cell phone tower signals. Never discuss your plans with anyone outside your family and resist the temptation of sharing images or ideas on social media.

Stock your survival bunker with supplies.  Everything you would need for several years worth of living. This will include food, water, and medicine. Think about everything you and your family uses frequently over the course of a year and make sure you have everything you absolutely need.
Some items such as medicines may be difficult to acquire by legitimate means. Proper storage may also be difficult. Solid pills over liquids are better as their shelf life tends to be longer even after the expiration date. Store medicine in a cool dry place to extend potency, and remember that taking drugs after their expiration date is rarely harmful.  Prioritize your food based on expiration date. Eat whatever might expire soon first.  Tinned food and RTE meals are generally designed for long shelf lives.

In any event – where you feel your bunker will improve you and your families survival risk – get to your survival bunker as quickly as possible.  If martial law is implemented and declared you may not have time to discuss what to do next. You may think the military isn’t there yet but local law enforcement may start implementing martial law beforehand. Have everything you want or need in your survival bunker and move there as soon as humanly possible.

Keep a radio on hand to keep track of when martial law has ended. Most likely you will not be able to stay in your bunker forever. You will need to keep contact with the outside world. You need to know when it will be safe to emerge. Since batteries degrade, you may want to use a survival radio that incorporates a hand-crank for power.   Be cautious of pro-military propaganda. Know what frequencies local militias are broadcasting on and any code words. Don’t listen to just anything but wait until the militias give you the OK that civil authority has been restored.