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Being an Good Citizen During Marshal Law

Being a Good Citizen during martial law.

Identify the legitimacy of martial law and for whatever reason, martial law has been declared you are one of the citizens functioning under it. If for some reason your country has been invaded or a major natural disaster has occurred you should recognize that martial law might be best for the moment.

The soldiers have been deployed are there to maintain order and keep you safe until civilian authority can be re-established.

By showing respect and courtesy to authorities will take the focus off you and your family. The best thing you can do is assist, obey and observe. Keep your head down and don’t draw attention to yourself.

Keep everything you can’t live without on your person.

If you are being moved there may be no time to go back for your things. Have everything you need on you at all times in case you have to move immediately. Anything you might be tempted to go back for, keep on you. If there is some object too big to carry around you may have to leave it or even hide it.

Follow all directives given to you.

No matter how odd or strange. If a curfew is set, be in your quarters by then. If you are given a mealtime, don’t show up late. If certain areas are off-limits, do not go beyond the boundary. Your rights are greatly limited until civil order until it is re-established.  By pushing boundaries you will draw attention to yourself, which you do not want.

Obey orders as you are instructed.

Orders will be quick and fast and without explanation. Military personnel are given orders that they don’t even understand or agree with – however, it is their job to impose. They expect you to follow orders just as they are doing. Time-sensitive orders they may not have time to explain or their explanation which in turn may cause a panic. Trust that their goal is to protect you and any failure they would take personally.

Help others as much as you are able.

The military personnel may be short staffed. Offer to help as much as you can. You will gather their respect this way. You may then learn more about what’s going on and why things are happening as they are. If you find out important information that you have permission to share, spread the word. Make sure other people know what’s going on and hopefully everyone will be able to survive the event.

If for any reason you feel that your family’s life is in danger and that there is something more sinister reader our post on hiding out during martial law.


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11 Places To Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight


The most effective defensive weapons you can own, without question, is a gun. A gun can be an equalizer in terms of an attack and could even be an advantage in a home invasion.  A gun is suggested by many as a primary weapon for a home and self-defense.

Owning any gun for any situation comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

Two very contradicting challenges often arise with gun owners:

  • All Guns Must Be Kept Hidden, Secure and Safe.
  • A Gun Needs To Be Easily Accessible If needed In A Situation.

For obvious reasons – any gun needs to be kept hidden secure and safe is so that children or guests cannot find them and use them when in your household

At the same time, your guns also need to be kept easily accessible so you can get to them quickly in the event of a life-or-death emergency.

Ideally, guns should be carried on the person – however, this cannot be done – should you have a barrage of gun power.  So easier said than done.  In this post, we offer a few ideas on where and how best to hide your firepower.

Potted Plants

So long as you have any pottery pieces that are large enough to hold a handgun, you can very easily stuff one in there. Be sure to wrap the gun in a towel before placing it into the pottery, so it will still remain hidden if anybody looks inside out of curiosity.

Under The Wooden Floors

Cut into your wooden floors so you are able to lift up a piece. You can then stash a gun in there for hiding. Be strategic about where you make the cut; underneath or right next to a table or couch would be ideal.

Underneath Your Couch

This is a great spot for longer guns like rifles or shotguns.  As many couches have fabric covering underneath them.  Simply cut a slit in the fabric to store your weapon underneath it. No one would be the wiser!

Picture Frame

Build or buy a box picture frame.  Selecting a rather ordinary or drab-looking photo/painting to put in the frame so no burglar will be compelled to take it would also be a good idea!


This is always a good spot and depending on how creative you are you can adapt   If you have got two corner cabinets below a counter in that little space that usually doesn’t get used the pack in there.   You could also strap a gun to the underside of the counter where it can’t be seen and where you can only get to it if you open a cabinet and reach inside.

Framed Raised Mirror

Who would think twice about looking behind a mirror – Raised just enough the framed mirror gives you the perfect hiding spot for your firepower.  A few can be bought that are locked and unlocked by using a strong magnet to disengage the locking mechanism.

Washing Machine or Dryer

This is a great idea as most Washers and Dryers have ample of free space in the frame of the machine.  It is great if for any reason someone comes in with a metal detector to search and confiscate weapons (like in a Martial Law) but could be a little more difficult to reach with ease.