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11 Places To Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight


The most effective defensive weapons you can own, without question, is a gun. A gun can be an equalizer in terms of an attack and could even be an advantage in a home invasion.  A gun is suggested by many as a primary weapon for a home and self-defense.

Owning any gun for any situation comes with a huge amount of responsibility.

Two very contradicting challenges often arise with gun owners:

  • All Guns Must Be Kept Hidden, Secure and Safe.
  • A Gun Needs To Be Easily Accessible If needed In A Situation.

For obvious reasons – any gun needs to be kept hidden secure and safe is so that children or guests cannot find them and use them when in your household

At the same time, your guns also need to be kept easily accessible so you can get to them quickly in the event of a life-or-death emergency.

Ideally, guns should be carried on the person – however, this cannot be done – should you have a barrage of gun power.  So easier said than done.  In this post, we offer a few ideas on where and how best to hide your firepower.

Potted Plants

So long as you have any pottery pieces that are large enough to hold a handgun, you can very easily stuff one in there. Be sure to wrap the gun in a towel before placing it into the pottery, so it will still remain hidden if anybody looks inside out of curiosity.

Under The Wooden Floors

Cut into your wooden floors so you are able to lift up a piece. You can then stash a gun in there for hiding. Be strategic about where you make the cut; underneath or right next to a table or couch would be ideal.

Underneath Your Couch

This is a great spot for longer guns like rifles or shotguns.  As many couches have fabric covering underneath them.  Simply cut a slit in the fabric to store your weapon underneath it. No one would be the wiser!

Picture Frame

Build or buy a box picture frame.  Selecting a rather ordinary or drab-looking photo/painting to put in the frame so no burglar will be compelled to take it would also be a good idea!


This is always a good spot and depending on how creative you are you can adapt   If you have got two corner cabinets below a counter in that little space that usually doesn’t get used the pack in there.   You could also strap a gun to the underside of the counter where it can’t be seen and where you can only get to it if you open a cabinet and reach inside.

Framed Raised Mirror

Who would think twice about looking behind a mirror – Raised just enough the framed mirror gives you the perfect hiding spot for your firepower.  A few can be bought that are locked and unlocked by using a strong magnet to disengage the locking mechanism.

Washing Machine or Dryer

This is a great idea as most Washers and Dryers have ample of free space in the frame of the machine.  It is great if for any reason someone comes in with a metal detector to search and confiscate weapons (like in a Martial Law) but could be a little more difficult to reach with ease.


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11 Tips to Safely Store Water



Water supplies, including drinking water, could be affected in any disaster – so having a supply of stored water is absolutely essential.  

It is recommended to use food-grade water storage containers from camping or hardware stores.  Never use pre-used milk containers as the protein element cannot be removed with washing, and can keep bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Here 11 Tips To Safely Storing Water:

  • Wash bottles thoroughly in hot soapy water and rinse well.
  • Fill each bottle with tap water until it overflows.
  • Add five drops of household bleach per liter of water (or half a teaspoon for 10 liters) to ensure lasting. Do not drink for at least 30 minutes after disinfecting.
  • Do not use bleaches that contain added scent or perfume, or other additives – they can mask unhealthy water.
  • Mark and label each bottle with dates showing when the bottles were filled and when they need to be refilled.
  • Check the bottles every 12 months. If the water is not clear, throw it out and refill clean bottles with clean water and bleach.
  • Ensure bottles are stored away from direct sunlight in a cool dark place.
  • Keep water in two separate places and where there is not likely to be flooding.
  • If you use collected rainwater make sure that you disinfect it with household bleach.
  • Fill plastic containers with water, cover, label and keep in the freezer. These can help keep food cool if the power is off and can also be used for drinking when melted.
  • If you are uncertain about the quality of water – Do not drink it!

How much water is enough water to store, considering that you need at least three liters of drinking water for each person each day?

Ask yourself the following in order to be water wise in any situation:

  • How many people will it be providing for?
  • What will it be used for – just drinking or washing and cleaning too?
  • Is there’s local access to water?
  • How long will you need to have water for?
  • Whats the weather like where you live and what is it generally like – how often does it rain?