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7 Vehicles That Will Survive The End Of The World

7 Vehicles That Will Survive The End Of The World

To survive an apocalyptic scenario requires imagination: many of the steps you take in preparation for a sudden change in your way of life come from thinking about abstract eventualities. You may not be able to perfectly replicate the resources that big movie heroes use to prevail in hard times, but such fictions are a healthy way to visualize possible outcomes–and possible solutions.

How hard have you thought about the kind of vehicle you might need in a survivalist scenario? There are several options.

The Land Rover, for example, is a popular choice among the more practical-minded of us–noted not just for its versatility, but for its durability. Three out of every four Land Rovers ever built are still on the road–and this kind of reliability will be a huge plus in dangerous times.

Another hardy vehicle, with a bit more room to move in, is the classic Toyota Hilux. The producers of the British car show, Top Gear, put the thing on top of a 240-foot tower block which they then demolished: the Hilux just needed a handful of tweaks with hammers and wrenches to get it roadworthy again. When you consider the room it has in the back for provisions, possessions, and any extra bodies you need to take along in a quick escape, you’ll see it makes a good case against the aforementioned Land Rover.

Some vehicles you may read about are handy conversation-starters for ‘what-if’ cases: for example, the Action Mobil Desert Challenger, a 30-ton mobile home that’s surely beyond the economy of the average American. Yet take a look at the way its engineers have designed it, and you’ll find plenty of take-home lessons to apply to your own camper.

For a few more examples, check out this new infographic which takes seven extreme options and drops them into extreme scenarios. It may be the inspiration you need to take your preps to the next level.

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